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Standard Capabilities

PCB Rigid, flexible, and mixed; one or two sided.
Components Most leaded and lead-less SMT packages. Chips down to 0402 size. All through-hole components.
Solder Lead Free and Leaded water soluble solder paste.
Special alloys by request.
Stencil Steel or Kapton (to reduce costs on very small jobs).


Solder Joint All visible solder joints are inspected for conformance to IPC-A-610E class 2.
Placing Most components are machine placed, even those that come in small quantities -- for which we use our cut-tape feeders.
Reflow Reflow is performed using a vapour phase oven. All joints reach the proper temperature yet overheating is impossible.
Cleaning All assemblies are washed and rinsed with Deionized Water. Shipped units are ionically clean and ready for conformal coating.
ESD All components are handled in an ESD controlled environment.